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Injection twin screw barrels production

Precision manufacturing of screw barrels and twin-screws barrels.

The Profimach deep hole Drilling-Boring-Honing machines have features to allow
the precision manufacturing of barrels and twin-screws barrels.
The solid bed, the precision roller guideways used on the axis and the big system for coolant and chips filtering allow the best performance and surface finishing of these machines.  The features offered by the possibility to lap or hone on the same machine allow the finishing of barrels by one set up only.
Technical specification Parameters
Working capacity Drilling hole diameter range Φ30~Φ80mm
Boring hole diameter range Φ40~Φ200mm
Honing hole diameter range Φ32~Φ200mm
Trepaning hle diameter range Φ75~Φ200mm
Max.processing depth 6000mm
Workpiece Max.length 6000mm
Workpiece OD range Φ100~Φ500mm
Twin hole Max. Hole distance. 100mm
Machine character Z1 Axis(Honing) Repeat speed 1~25m/min
Motor torque 15Nm
Z2 axis(BTAdrilling) Rapid speed 1m/min
Infeed speed range 5~500mm/min
Motor torque 25Nm
Theoretical maximum thrust 14000kg
Z3 axis (Honing head expanding ) Motor torque 7Nm
Z4 axis Rapid speed 3m/min
(Oil pressure head servo motion ) Motor torque 25Nm
X1/X2 Axis Rapid speed 3m/min
(centerr rest horizontal motion ) Motor torque 25Nm
Traval 100mm
Drill bar box Speed range 61-800r/min
Motor power 30KW
Headstock Rotating speed 11r/min
Motor power 22KW
Honing box Rotating speed 20~250r/min
Motor power 15KW
Other Height of spindle center to the slide guide surface 550mm
Slide guide rail span 600mm
Machine floor space 17.5m×3.5m
Machine weight 35ton
Machine total power 110KW
Voltage/Frequency 400V/60HZ
Coolant system Drill, boring, trepaning Max. pressure 2.5MPa
Max. flow 500L/min
Honing Flow 100 L/min  

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